Boat Rental with Skipper Corsica

A tour of Corsica on a rental boat with skipper
To go on a private cruise, the crew of the Liberté offers stays on a rental boat to Corsica thanks to a passionate skipper of the island. It offers a choice of three crossing routes to discover the Isle of Beauty:

  • The circuit of northern Corsica will take you to small typical ports and magnificent creeks for unforgettable sea bathing in a dream setting;
  • In southern Corsica, the white sandy beaches, coves and islands are all charming stops for the passengers of our catamaran;
  • Your skipper can also take you for a tour of Corsica on a rental boat for two memorable weeks. Aboard a prestigious monohull sailboat, your hostess takes great care to prepare gourmet meals and meet your needs. For example, your requests concerning comfort on board the ship, its main equipment and annexes, as well as the facilities to guarantee pleasant navigation and unique days of relaxation. Sunbathing, swimming, chatting and relaxing in the deck saloon… there is something for everyone!
Rental of a boat with skipper to discover Corsica
Staying on board the Liberté, your rental boat, the skipper will make you explore the most beautiful sites in Corsica. You will also have access to a wide range of leisure facilities to fully enjoy your luxury cruise. You will be able to admire the magnificent seabed while diving with masks, snorkels and fins or indulge in the joys of angling or two-seater sea kayaking. After discovering the isolated coves and wild coasts, ask the captain to stop at places typical of the Isle of Beauty. The skippers of Catamaran Liberté also know perfectly the most secret places that surround the Isle of Beauty for a private cruise in Corsica very far from traditional tourist circuits.
Which rental boat with skipper for a private cruise in Corsica?
Take full advantage of the experience of renting a boat with a skipper in the Mediterranean by opting for an exceptional sailboat, designed, imagined and equipped to allow you to embark on an unforgettable journey. The Lagoon 500 is a latest generation catamaran capable of accommodating up to 10 people in great luxury. It has 5 equipped cabins, a separate lounge, and offers different spaces for relaxation, rest or conviviality. Complementary to the skipper, a flight attendant takes care of your comfort. She ensures that your boat rental with skipper in Corsica takes place in optimal conditions. Among other things, it is responsible for offering you refined cuisine and culinary specialties according to your wishes. Do not hesitate to ask her to let her know your expectations. Embark with Xavier and Cécile on an unforgettable skipper cruise in Corsica!
  • Discover the jewel of the Mediterranean in a different way, some aspects of which are even more beautiful from the sea.
  • its 5 comfortable cabins can accommodate up to 10 passengers.
  • The comfortable front trampoline is ideal for enjoying the southern sun.
  • Leisure facilities are available to cruise passengers.
Maker: LAGOON Model: 500 Sleeping places: 5 Fuel: Diesel Capacity: 10
  • Two-seater sea kayak
  • Outboard
  • Masks and snorkels
  • fishing equipment
  • Life vest
  • Electric refrigerator
The crew of the Liberté, a catamaran specially fitted out for luxury cruises off Corsica, is made up of an experienced skipper and a hostess. This sailor trainer at the Sète naval school and also a fan of the Mediterranean. He will share his passion with you by making you explore the most beautiful sites of the Island of Beauty. Your hostess takes great care and prepares gourmet meals every day to your taste served in the square of the edge, a luxurious fully equipped lounge.

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